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To be eligible to compete in the Teen Competition, you must:

  • Delegates must be at least thirteen (13) years of age by the first day of the State Competition (June 4, 2024) and no older than eighteen (18) years of age on December 31, 2024 

  • Birth years 2005 – 2010

  • A citizen of the United States of America

  • A female

  • Not now nor have I ever been married, nor am I a parent or an adoptive parent

  • A resident of Oklahoma

  • Enrolled in and physically attending classes on a full-time basis at an accreditated public or private school or home-schooled in the State of Oklahoma

  • Be within the 40 mile radius of the city of McAlester.

  • Be able to meet the time commitment and responsibilities as set forth by the Miss McAlester’s Teen Organization.


  • Private Interview –  30%

  • On Stage Conversation- 10%

  • Health & Fitness- 20%

  • Talent – 20%

  • Evening Gown-20%

All delegates are required to have the necessary competition wardrobe, however, we encourage you to utilize what you have in your closet or borrow from a friend.


It is not necessary to spend a small fortune on clothing for our local preliminary.

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